Who We Are

winterrr40My name is Pauline, and my husband Alex and I form the persistent pair behind Willow Lane Farm. We have been living in the beautiful foothills west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada since April 2013. Our farming and homesteading dreams and ambitions, like those of many other people, have evolved and shifted and broadened throughout our country living experience. And so has our vision.

What began as a desire to enjoy a taste of country life by keeping a few chickens and perhaps growing a few vegetables has turned in to a quest for self-sufficiency. This lifestyle is truly addicting, and once you dig in and get started in one aspect you are hooked! At least, that has been our experience. There is always more to learn and do and work toward and incorporate into your farm to improve what you are doing, simplify the experience, and enhance your lifestyle.

Our farm is named Willow Lane Farm for the numerous Diamond Willows that grow on our property. The blog Little Farm in the Alberta Foothills is a nod to our location – we live in the shadows of the breathtaking Canadian Rockies. While living here comes with its difficulties and harsh climate (early/late last frost date, strong winds, constant predation issues, extreme temperature shifts) we wouldn’t trade it! With our German Shepherd, Bear, we live on a quarter section of land. We grow a garden, keep chickens for eggs and meat (and some bantams as pets!), and we have a flock of wonderfully noisy ducks and geese. Our hope is to expand our little operation each year as we work toward our goal of becoming more self-sufficient and living a simpler life.